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  • Anthony Foster wrote on March 06, 2008 report

    It's so nice to see a re-release of some of my dads music. I have, as I am sure some others of us, lost many of the records I have had over the years for various reasons...and sadly, finding vinyl is almost( I DO mean ALMOST) impossible. I miss the sound of music on vinyl, but am happy that there is any form ( heck, I'd even take 8-track if it meant getting music I am trying to replace...but only God knows how I'd play it!!! ha....

    These too will be welcomed to get ... as the Manhattan Fever i did have but have lost to someone who helped themselves to most of my colection and the " Well Water" I haven't had....along with more. I have also found tunes that I have not been able to find in print by my dad....including one written for me " Tonys Tune" that he mentioned to me...and would LOVE if anyone had a copy or could kick me into the right direction....should anyone hapen to come across this posting!!

    Thanks to one and all for reading this article and for remembering Dad....