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  • Christophe Pical wrote on August 19, 2007 report

    Hi John,

    I was not surprised to see Langeland with an album on ECM.
    I bought her "Runoja" (on Grappa), and really liked it. So I was really looking forward to hearing "Starflowers". Maybe too much so... It does not strike me as much as "Runoja". Maybe not spontaneous enough, I don't know.
    Have you heard "Runoja"?


  • John Kelman wrote on January 16, 2008 report

    HI Christophe,
    Sorry for the ridiculously long delay in replying. No, I've not heard Runoja, but am hooking up with the Norwegian Embassy here at home and they're setting me up with a number of Norwegian labels for which I currently don't have service.

    I'll scout this one up - so thanks for bringing it up.