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  • Jason Heath wrote on August 11, 2007 report

    Jason Heath here from and Some of my readers pointed out that your site is using my lever extension scroll photo in your Flash player for your 'Birth of the Bass' featured article. I've got perceptive readers! I was wondering if you could possibly put in some kind of attribution link, either to or, or (even better) some mention of the podcast either on the site or in a future article. This show (the photo your site is using is actually the logo for the program) features interviews with and performances from many jazz bassists (including Eric Hochberg, Brian Bromberg, Lonnie Plaxico, Ranaan Meyer, and many others), and it is a place to check out more about the instrument. It might be a nice tie-in either with the Birth of the Bass article, or possibly as some future article.

    -Jason Heath, Contrabass Conversations podcast
    staff writer, Bass Musician Magazine