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  • Thomas Hoenisch wrote on July 20, 2007 report

    What a pity! I'd just bought my first Avishai Cohen CD (Trio & Ensemble: At Home), and had been really curious to learn something about Avishai Cohen. But reading the interview was kind of disappointing to me. A short analysis of spoken words in this interview results in a 43% share of Katrina-Kasey Wheeler which isn't an indicator for a good conversation. Has there been some time pressure on this meeting? In his conversation with Franz A. Matzner from October 2003 (see Avishai Cohen had been way more talkative.

    AAJ: "That is wonderful to hear, comparatively speaking, since in the United States there are continually so many budget cuts, and music programs are always the first to be cut. Speaking of wonderful opportunities, you were a founding member of Chick Corea’s sextet, Origin. What have you taken away from that experience? What is the greatest thing that you learned through it?"

    AC: "I think just learning how to be a bandleader."

    This short answer could have been an opener to a whole new section if Mrs. Wheeler would have explored this with some further questions. But she changes the topic by asking:

    AAJ: "Chick Corea has labeled you as a genius. How does it feel to have a luminary refer to you as such?"

    The curtain falls, but there are so many open questions...

  • John Kelman wrote on August 05, 2007 report

    SOmetimes it depends on how much time is available. My understanding is that Katrina-Kasey did the interview in-person at the gig, and there were time restrictions. Just a little background.

  • Thomas Hoenisch wrote on August 07, 2007 report

    Thanks for the clarification. Given the situation described by you one can understand the shortness and missing depth of the interview.
    Perhaps it would be helpful for the reader to add a short description of those circumstances to the foreword of the interview. This would have prevented me from my missjudgement.