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  • Chestnut wrote on July 09, 2007 report


    Tim Eyerman and The East Coast Offering played the Club Caf on Pittsburgh's South Side. What a surprise to find a talent like this in my new favorite hangout of the early 90s.

    Im listening to Outside/Inside now, and remembering the experience. We had a chance to talk to Tim for a few minutes that night, one of the many advantages of a small club atmosphere.

    Ten years later, while driving on the Saw Mill Parkway, in Irvington New York, a song came on 109.1 FM. It was a bright Spring morning, when driving is more like floating. I recognized the music, but not the artist. It was Stevie Wonder singing Ribbon In The Sky my favorite Tim Eyerman tune.

    Truly, I played that song hundreds of times, and never knew it was a Stevie Wonder song until that moment. I'm going to put the top down and play Tim's CD on the Saw Mill tomorrow morning. Thanks for reminding me of this talented man, and the beautiful sound of the ECO.


  • Michael LoRusso wrote on July 26, 2007 report

    Tim Eyerman played with my band ( the Urban Blues Express) for the last five years of his lifr , down here in Miami. He was a great friend, and musician. Myself ,and all the other band members were completely devastated when he passed away. We played a gig on a Friday Night knowing he was going into the hospital the next day to recover from a very bad bronchial infection.He was however well enough to go to the hospital himself and then call me three or four times over the next day as we were both watching the NCAA championships. Two days later after an operation he was gone. He was without a doubt the most humble,caring,person I've ever met.I felt like I knew him for a lifetime.He was such a gracious musician and his skills were so superior that it didn't take long for us to realize that it was an honor to grace the stage with him.He played any gig ,anywhere with us and made us better musicians for it it. He was a humble, no-ego ,kind of guy , who we had a ball with on every gig and at our homes on Christmas, Easter ,Thanksgiving every year.
    Thanks for remembering him.
    Mike LoRusso
    PS: There is a picture of Tim on our website

  • Robert G. Kertesz wrote on November 17, 2008 report

    I knew Tim, when he was with the AIRMEN OF NOTE, the official jazz band of the United States Air Force, stationed at Bolling Air Force Base Washington DC.
    He was an old friend of a buddy of mine who was in the Concert Band with me. We lived in a nearby Maryland neighborhood, and Tim stayed with us for a while. Once when Tim went on a tour with the band, he left his 2 dogs with us "MILES" and "TRANE". They ate up half my couch.
    Tim was a great guy, and a fantastic musican. The last time I saw him was at band reunion at Bolling AFB.

    Bob Kertesz

  • Kevin Holleran wrote on March 08, 2009 report

    I had no idea he had pass, how very say. I had two tapes, but unable to find them. I was online trying to trackdown his Outside/Inside, no luck. I worked at The Balcony in Shadyside, Pittsburgh PA. What a tremendous artise, awesome. He was such a showman and would play all night, I cant believe he is gone. If anyoen knows how I can track down his music I would be very appreciative. He was well loved in the City of Pittsburgh and will be missed.

    Kevin Holleran

  • rob Kaplan wrote on June 13, 2009 report

    shocked when I just found out when I googled why I can't find any new cd's in the last few years. I started watching Tim, while in grad school visiting a girlfriend in DC that I would drag to Alexandria, VA every weekend to watch this amazing musician play. He was one of my earliest influences, I am so saddened and shocked. What a talented musician, when I moved to LA years ago, I kept looking to see if he went national. Am and was a huge fan!!
    Rob Kaplan
    Santa Monica, CA