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  • Don Lackritz wrote on October 21, 2009 report

    My uncle was Steve Lacy. My name is Don Lackritz and Steve was my father's nephew. He used to think highly of my father and he came to our family's Seders and many family gatherings up in New York's upper West side. I can be reached at I live in Boca Raton, Florida and play/record my own CD's in the SunRa style. If anyone wants to schmooze they can reach me at my email and I can send my music by computer (if they show me how it's done as I'm lousy with computers )since it's free to do that. We also can share stories of my uncle Steve, Thelonious Monk and SunRa and all the great Jazz musicians. I'm also close friends with Jimmy Isaacs, the Jazz and Sports critic/writer for the Boston Glove and we share the same interests. It would be interesting if anyone has heard of Jimmy, let alone contact me in the first place. At any rate, Cheers to all who share our mutual interests.