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  • Elizabeth Megan Fong wrote on April 23, 2007 report

    Fresh out of college I studied with Mr. Leroy Jenkins right up until he fell ill. It was the most uplifting, musically and intellectually stimulating experience I've ever had. I felt I could talk to him about anything. What sorts of pressures I felt when starting my own band, how one achieves convincingly improvisational music and the ways one "get's out there" with their compositions/improvisations. He knew so much about this music world I had just discovered--it was amazing. He was truly inspirational with his ideas and he never stopped trying different ways to aproach playing, teaching, critically thinking and solving issues around achieving how to understand and challenge art. The challenges and changes he made in how one understands just the violin has paved a way for generations of violinists. He's struggled for the younger generations and made it possible for us to go somewhere new. He taught me to internalize what he has taught us and to then take my own interpretations and understandings to other levels and meanings. He was always supportive of my ideas and taught me a lot about structure through improv., patience with understanding, and forgiving when mistaken. For me he [I]IS[/I] the Godfather of Jazz Violin. A true revolutionary artist and it is amazing to see how many lives he has touched, how many people he has known and to also hear that as a collective we all appreciate what he has done with us and for us. Leroy Jenkins will be missed greatly.