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  • Bill Hicks wrote on July 02, 2010 report

    Motian doesn't swing, so the staffer was right.
    People say he's a "master of color". Whatever. When someone calls a drummer that, it means the drummer has no sense of time nor rhythm. Hit this, hit that, roll here, swat there. It doesn't matter in the end because it's all one big mish mash of tedium. No chance of anyone really critiquing it and saying it doesn't sound good, because it all sounds the same. It's like critiquing plain oatmeal - what can you really say about it.

  • John Kelman wrote on July 02, 2010 report

    Sorry, Bill, couldn't agree with you more. Drums are not only about time. They're part of the percussion family, and can be used as much for color, oops, how about texture, as they can pulse and groove.

    Motian has plenty good time, but as often as not he suggest it more than playing it directly. Same can be said of Norwegian Jon Christensen, who has proven over the years he can swing as hard as anyone, but chooses not to these days.

    Sorry, man, but in a time where standard role definitions of instruments are no longer as fixed as they used to be, drums can be used for time, but they're now freed up to be more as well. And that's a very good thing, imo.