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  • Felice Moskowitz wrote on April 01, 2007 report

    You list in your article that Simon Cowell wrote the liner notes is this an April fools joke. I find that extremely hard to believe

  • Cathy Hancock wrote on April 01, 2007 report

    This is an April Fool Joke , but the joke is on the writer. Taylor Hicks could do a stellar jazz/soul CD. Don't underestimate him.

  • Calista Ferguson wrote on April 01, 2007 report

    Note to author: irony + ridiculous = humor. I dig a good joke, and I'm not a big fan of Taylor's offerings under the 19 label, but dude you shoulda done your research..

    "The Jazz Side of <insert any idol winner whose 12 year career as a musician has NOT been influenced by jazz here>" would have actually been very funny.

  • Pamela Wallace wrote on April 01, 2007 report

    April fools aside, Taylor really could put out a killer jazz/soul album and very well may after the current AI contract is up. Don't forget Hicks came up through the bars of the southeast and still plays with some of his old band members. Try checking out his pre-AI indie albums.

    If the link doesn't post, try graycharles dot com

  • Linda L. Hoover wrote on April 01, 2007 report

    I love listening to Taylor doing any kind of music. He actually did Georgia in Atlanta, on this album In Your Time, there are some jazz/blues numbers on it and even though I know that this is what is supposed to be a "cutsie April Fool's joke" I would hope that you might actually listen to something he HAS recorded live or on cd. and broaden your scope on music . Here is a link to "Sweet Home Chicago" taped live at the House of Blues , top left of the page, entitled "It's All About The Music" interesting reading on who really influenced Taylor from his beginnings
    Son of A Carpenter
    The Fall a really fun song !!

    ALL MP3's on here

    MANY MORE but this man is a great entertainer !!! Go see him on tour ...great great great AND buy his real CD .... called Taylor Hicks soul music ......WHOMP music !!! Thanks again for "featuring" TAYLOR HICKS !!!!!!

  • Carol Howard wrote on April 01, 2007 report

    Before you wrote this "joke" maybe you should listen to "IN YOUR TIME"
    Taylors first independent album. Theres a whole lot of jazz to Taylor.
    Thanks for mentioning him tho, always good to see his name.

  • John Kelman wrote on August 05, 2007 report

    It was, indeed, an April Fool's joke. It's a tradition at AAJ to post some (what we all hope are) humorous pokes on April 1.

    Sorry for the delay in replying!