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  • Anthony Cooper wrote on March 06, 2007 report

    Mr. Wood writes the review as if "Quartet" was recorded after "Metheny Mehldau" was recorded, but weren't they recorded at the same set of sessions, and "Quartet" sat on the shelf for a little while? That's the impression I got from interviews on AAJ with Metheny and seperately Mehldau.

  • Nemeth Attila wrote on March 09, 2007 report

    Indeed, they spent I think a week - somewhere it was mentioned, in fact, only 6 days - recording, first in the duo and then in the quartet situation, overall recording 24 tunes, 12 of each situation. I haven't got the new CD yet, although I have preordered it, but what I am rather puzzeled by a bit is that as opposed to just as it is mentioned in this article that there are 11 tracks on this new album, e.g. Pat' site says that there are 10 tracks and even, the label of the record says that 7 songs were written by Pat, 3 by Brad and one was co-written, I think 'Night Away',-which adds up to 11- however they conclude that there are 7 quartet and 3 duo tracks, which only adds up to a final 10 but then what is the remaining one??? A solo of one of them or a Trio?? None of them is very likely. /Not to mention that Nonesuch site even lists 11 tracks just like in this article, so I find that rather confusing./ But even if the two records add up to 21 tracks, most likely then 12 duos and 9 quartets, I wonder if the remaining 3 quartet tracks will ever going to be released. There is a CD coming out on 20 March, as it is already listed on this site as well, under the title 'Complete Sessions' but there is no detailed info whether it will be the two albums in a special pack or indeed, it will contain extra material. I have already inqured at twice but I have never got any replies. If anyone knows some answers, please share them.