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  • adell Shavers wrote on March 08, 2007 report

    how do you tell someone who has more hits then any other performer and more grammys then any performer in history that their song is too long it would be unintelligent how many hits do you have would be his statement and then can you make this statement what is wrong with this statement: “I can’t allow my music, my creative impulses to be held hostage by the listener. I do what I do because I have to do it and I hope there are people out there who can appreciate it.” to make this statement after what you said in reference to Stevie is wrong

  • Gina Vodegel wrote on March 28, 2007 report

    Hi Adell.
    Your comment seems to blend two statements, one from the 1. interviewer and another from the 2. intervieweeee, 1. Robert Lewis and 2. Coral Egan. It wasn't Coral who said SW's music is too long.