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  • Anne R Friedland wrote on January 09, 2009 report

    I can't seem to access any "services". I have no problem with any other site, and if i did it was handled.

    This is a great site if you can get in the "in crowd":

    I can't seem to, even after knowing Michael and John Kelman for some time.

    I was not in the in crowd in has because I was smart, pretty and talented and I skipped a few grades and got special'd think that is an asset

    Anyway, this is not HS, I am 55, I may be dead tomorrow! So lets treat each, member equally!

  • Michael Ricci wrote on February 10, 2009 report


    I'm not following you. Are you having trouble updating your profile, posting a news announcement, or featuring an MP3 download?

    Most of this is fairly straightforward stuff.


  • Bob Rodriguez wrote on February 21, 2009 report

    Thank you. I figured it out.

  • Jonathan Soule wrote on October 07, 2009 report

    I am a non-musician parent of a high schooler and interested in introducing more of a jazz progam at the school. The school currently has a significant marching band program and a low profile jazz band. If possible, please direct me to some resources that I can review, even ie, "The Basics of Starting a Jazz Program" would be of interest if it exists. Thanks for your help. Jon / Western Maryland

  • Bob Niederriter wrote on December 28, 2010 report

    I can not seam to get my reverbnation calendar widget on my page here . I keep putting it in the specified spot in the profile construction page , but it is not showing up on my page .

  • Jona Rapoport wrote on January 31, 2011 report

    I am a radio producer/host in Montreal ('Art & Fine Living with Jona") and a publicist to artists. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site: I practically LIVE on it when I cover jazz events, especially our Montreal Jazz Fest, and post my releases here regularly. Thank you, Michael!!!

  • Chris Bauer wrote on February 21, 2011 report

    Hey Bob (and anyone else that has the same problem)

    I can't get my ReverbNation widget to work either. I've copied the code from ReverbNation and pasted it into the widget portion of the edit profile page. After I submit, the widget doesn't show up.

    What am I doing wrong??

  • Michael Ricci wrote on February 22, 2011 report

    Hi Chris and Bob,

    I'm still working on a way to integrate the RevernNation widget(s).

    Integrating third party widgets is a design challenge and not a high priority on the current "to do" list, but we'll figure something out eventually.

    In the meantime, I'll add something to the musician profile edit form about a widget page "coming soon".


  • John Gilbert wrote on August 30, 2011 report

    I can't seem to locate the CD review submission form, I have reviewed fro AAJ many times, but am lost now as to how to submit a review,,thanks, JG

  • Peter Williams wrote on January 11, 2012 report

    Following the link you present in your welcome mail has led me on a wild goose chase. It's taken an hour to fill out the form and there is no way to submit it.

  • John Kelman wrote on January 11, 2012 report

    Peter, If you would send me an email at and tell me some specifics, i can help.. and if there are problems, look to fixing them.