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  • Forté wrote on March 12, 2007 report

    Sheila Jordan has also an album released in France, under Ella Productions,
    named "Believe in Jazz", recorded Live during the 75th birthday tour I arranged for her (autumn 2003), in Sion, Switzerland.
    The musicians are Serge Forté on piano, Gary Brunton on bass, and Karl Jannuska on drums.

    This cd is available on as well as by downloads on the main platforms, I Tunes, etc...
    No distribution yet in USA.

    Sheila Jordan will be in France for a week, 2 days masterclasses and 3 concerts, last week of March, details are on my website, as on hers too.

    Thanks again for that nice interview !
    Pascale Forté
    Ella Productions