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  • Roger Farbey wrote on March 12, 2007 report

    I found these reviews to be particularly informative and useful and am grateful to John since I haven't been able to find such comprehensive reviews of these significant remastered reissues anywhere else. Thanks!
    Roger F

  • Geoff Anderson wrote on October 24, 2011 report

    Great reviews! I'm sitting here listening to Third and Seven on vinyl, trying to decide which to play on the Vinyl Vault on KUVO (Denver) ( tomorrow night. Probably do Slightly All the Time from Third tomorrow and save Seven for the future. This information will be useful to pass along on the air.

  • John Kelman wrote on October 25, 2011 report

    Hey Geoff,
    Thanks man, for writing, and for the kind words...and for telling me you'll be using some of the info in it on your show. That's high praise, and much appreciated.

    I love SM, and it's great that all the archival reissues in recent years from Cuneiform, Reel Recordings, MoonJune and others have kept the flames burning brightly. If you've not heard some of them, check out my other reviews, you may find yourself digging deeply into your pockets...there's some real gold out there...