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  • Reynolds Winslow wrote on August 18, 2009 report

    I have just become a 'registered' fan of Sol's after meeting him at an Oris summer concert when he was asked to sit in with a group contracted to play during a 12-2PM program open to the public back in 2007. I have spent this morning listening to him on YouTube and will be communicating with him regularly having re-discovered him a week ago on a vacation trip to NY. He lives near mutual friends so I look forward to enjoying his humor and his energy that still drives him and his music, too, apparently. He is a national treasure and gigs continually. What is his secret...probably his love of MUSIC and keeping it alive as well.

  • Roy Davis AKA Dave Roy wrote on June 05, 2010 report

    I hope Sol gets to read this. I met Sol Yaged when he was playing at the Metropole Cafe with Gene Krupa back in the mid 60's. I got to know Sol real well. Had the pleasure in chatting with him and Gene up in their dressing rooms. I took lots of pictures, (Still got them) When I walked in the Metroapole, Sol would shout out, "Hay there's Dave Roy from Patchogue. Sol invited my wife and I for dinner at his home in Broklyn one time. He also got me a drumming gig out on the Island, can't remember where at this time. I now live in Texas since 1979. I came back to NYC for a visit and saw him again at the Red Roost. That was some years back. I'd love to see him again. Even had the pleasure in seeing him and is band play at the 1964 Worlds Fair.
    Sol if you do get this, you most likley remember the guy from Patchogue. I gave up the drums and became a singer. You can catch some of my stuff on my web site. and you can contact me that way also.
    I'll never forget you.
    My blessings to you and your family. I remember you had a daughter named Melody, Please give her my love and your family to.
    Dave Roy from Patchogue

  • Roy Davis AKA Dave Roy wrote on June 05, 2010 report

    PS:Dave Roy from Patchogue
    would like to give you my phone number & E-Mail
    214-629-8085 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting214-629-8085end_of_the_skype_highlighting

  • Roy Davis AKA Dave Roy wrote on October 14, 2010 report

    Just to let everyone know I finally got in touch with Sol, he's stil playing the clarnet at the young age of 88. I spoke withhim on the phone a few weeks ago, I also keep in touch with a Saxapone player by the name of Al Console who worked with Sol many yars ago. What memories I have got
    Roy Davis