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  • Matt Josephson wrote on October 13, 2009 report

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mort in 1975 at WWUH in Hartford. I was playing rock music on Saturday nights and swiping duplicate records from the station's giveaway stash. Eventually I lost my job at the station for being a jerk, but that's a side story. There were moments when I stopped rocking and rolling long enough to listen and take in Mort and what he was playing on the air. Mort was cool and a treasure I don't think we kids knew we had in our midst. Jazz must have seeped in because I developed into a huge fan. Just recently I picked up a live Miles Davis CD and the entire concert was intoduced and MC'd by non-other than Mort. Man was I knocked out. Like I said we didn't know or appreciate who we were hanging out with at the radio station. Thanks for the article..
    Matt Josephson