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  • Jenny Watkins wrote on October 17, 2006 report

    I went to an Ethel show in September off of a friend's recommendation - THEY ROCKED! It was the CD release for "Light" and I loved it loved it loved it!!! I find myself singing "Lighthouse" all the time! It's so refreshing to hear string players really take it outside what has become the classical box. For Ethel fans, they have a series at Joe's Pub, which I saw online that they will be collaborating with other composers as well as previewing some of the tunes from Light - I already have my tickets for the series and definitely recommend that folks in NYC check it one is 10.22 and I think features John King, who also rocks, and after that James Bilagody from this project they did with Native American musicians. Anyhow, I'm a fan of Light and all things Ethel!