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  • Liz Fixsen wrote on November 04, 2006 report

    Thanks, Victor, for a nice review of this wonderful Album. You are quite right, that Baltimore enjoys a treasurehouse of jazz talents, many of whom are represented on this album.

    It's strange, however, that your review mentioned everyone except tenor saxophonist Al Maniscalco, whose quartet plays the first cut, "Al's The Things You Are," Al's original composition. Al has been one of the greater lights of the Baltimore Jazz Scene for several years, before moving back to Jacksonville--he still makes appearances in the DC area, and fans like me try not to miss them.

    In fact, it seems that Al's CD "More in My Heart" is reviewed on this site. Al's coming out with a new CD before too long. Hopefully it, too, will get reviewed here.

    Regards, and thanks for helping to promote jazz--

    Liz Fixsen