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  • WillisPotocki wrote on November 06, 2006 report

    As your review of Portrait of Tracy reads, you give the impression that it was played using the loop. The loop was used during the solo in Slang. P.O.T was played with one bass without loops, only some reverb. The way you worded it makes you sound jealous. Are you a failed musician?

  • Thomas Hoenisch wrote on November 14, 2006 report

    I had been lucky enough to be part of the audience during this legendary concert in Offenbach, Germany. This had been one of the loudest concerts I've listened to, apart from a concert of the Mahavishnu Orchestra in 1971. The concert hall in Offenbach is formed like a shell, and I had a seat in the last row. Though I was blown away by mere volume.
    Maybe that's also a reason for the [imho] mediocre sound quality. Wayne Shorter's sax is NOT amplified to the level of the rest of the group during the whole concert. So he is really enjoyable only when soloing unaccompanied.
    Joe Zawinul's keyboards had been badly balanced, too. That becomes especially evident when he plays the acoustic piano.
    The video quality isn't satisfying, too. But one has to keep in mind that the concert took place in 1978. Some of the bootleg videos at YouTube are better nowadays, but that only proves how much video technology has improved during those almost 30 years.
    Anyway, it's a great document of a really great (and long - >2 hours) concert of one of the [imho] greatest bands of the 20th century. Jaco's unaccompanied solo is outstanding, and it's also interesting to see the young Peter Erskine playing his ass off in this band after his early experiences in a big band.

  • Ronald S. Russ wrote on February 09, 2007 report

    Sorry if my article sounded as if I was jealous. That is truly not the case. While I used to play and write music, I have another career and I'm not upset with what I am doing for a living. Hope this clarifies things.

  • Ronald S. Russ wrote on February 09, 2007 report

    I realize that the sound quality from some of the 1970's live concerts in general are not the greatest in the world, but I enjoy the music nonetheless. Plus, I've heard many that were far worse than this DVD. I'll bet it was loud in person though. Wish I would have had a chance to have been there.