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  • Jules wrote on October 07, 2006 report

    Great article - I heartily agree. Also take note of the recent Aretha Franklin/King Curtis box set that documented all the released material from their famous Fillmore West weekend - great stuff!

    Only historical factpoint worth mentioning is that the digital edits done on the Fillmore Concerts album weren't anything new - they were just (in the case of You Don't Love Me) cleaner versions of edits that were already done on the original At Fillmore East release. The mention in the liner notes of a splice on IMOER is innacurate. If my recollection is correct, Tom Dowd *did* do a splice, but it was between two alternate reels of the same take (one original reel and one composite reel). I seem to recall reading that in a posting by Kirk West on the ABB site. Either way, the liner notes say it's a different version to the original release, but it's not.

    It's all good! Jules

  • Joe Cash wrote on January 20, 2009 report

    Any unreleased live material (or studio tracks, for that matter) featuring the original ABB lineup should be released. I realize that some of it is rough, but there are gems in every performance, and it's hard to discount the value of an unheard arrangement or an unheard lick from Duane or Berry, making the whole piece worth listening to, if for historical value alone.

  • Herb Oxendine wrote on May 20, 2009 report

    I recently came across some old music that appears to be from the closing of the Filmore East. Artists include The Allman Brothers, Edgar Winters, Country Joe, Mountain, Beach Boys, Albert King, and J. Giles. It was taken from reel tape and recorded to CDs. Its very rough and raw, and sometimes "squeally", but ite great to hear the artists talk between songs, etc.and some of the music is good. Based on this info, does anyone have any idea if/when these recordings were done? In a single night, over a weekend, etc? I am still researching to find out more about the date of these concerts.