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  • Gaervern Fredrikstad wrote on September 04, 2006 report

    The answer is easy! If I could play like that, I would scream too!


  • Bruno H. Miranda wrote on February 20, 2007 report

    I think Jarrett tries to put it all out, no matter what. And though his piano might be great, he's still trying to add something more. He doesn't seem to like singing lyrics, so he acreams. I would too, if I could play like that. Gaervern is right. After all, whisper not.

  • Ed Huddleston wrote on February 13, 2010 report

    I agree with Gaervern and Bruno. I've been listening to Jarrett for over thirty years. I saw him play solo in Chicago last night, and it struck me that the extra-pianistic noises all seemed to be part of the music, in a broad sense. If you're new to Jarrett, it does take some getting used to, and it may not be something everyone can adapt to. But his playing is so remarkable, always at such a high level, it's worth the effort. Besides, he's not the first pianist to vocalize as he plays. Classical fans know Glenn Gould (who, like Jarrett, was criticized for his vocalizing and for his unconventional opinions), but let's not forget jazz greats like Oscar Peterson and Erroll Garner.