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  • Ty "Lawon" Abimbola-Sodipe wrote on January 24, 2010 report

    I just thought of you, uncle, and placed a search on you on the internet, and read an Adieu on you. What a shock! I know you are watching me as I write, but be sure it was not meant to be (For us to meet).

    May God eternal rest Grant you Oh Lord, as I am sure His perpetual light is shinning bright on you .

    An affirmation of A Man, "Ambrose Adekoya Campbell" By Ty Abimbola-Sodipe

    He was in Texas, or so in 2002 when a mutual friend mentioned his name, and I was stunned to have been honored to know someone who knows him. He gave him my name and my number and "Uncle Ambrose" as I get to call him, called me. We spoke on the phone on few occasions, I even wanted to go to Texas or so to see him. However, I was going through some personal crap.

    In your honour, I must say something to our younger generation who might hear of you tomorrow and might not know your personal human touch. You were a delight and a warm hearted individual and the first Nigerian accredited musician abroad.

    Good Night Uncle mine and our HERO lay your music and Sing to God. It is a Loss.

    Respect forever.

    Your Aburo,