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  • Rick Altizio wrote on February 23, 2007 report


    I studied with Hank Mackie, and he had a huge impact on me.

    Not only as a Jazz guitar teacher, but spiritually as well.

    I think of Hank as the "wizard of guitar" who knows all the answers.

    He can explain the most lofty musical concepts with ease, and at the same time he is a true artist - with a great love for the music.

    I have signed with a label and my debut CD is coming out soon.

    Check it out -

    Great article. It is so nice to see Hank get some credit.

    Rick Altizio

  • Sam Merat wrote on October 27, 2007 report

    I am extremely excited to have read this article about Hank Mackie, a man who has influenced so many musicians.