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  • Mel Narunsky wrote on August 08, 2006 report

    If, as reviewer Verney writes, "Casual fans not only do not need to read Evans’ biography in order to enjoy his music, they may well find that the book detracts from that enjoyment. Many who have read biographies of famous musicians, painters and writers regret doing so—the tawdry details and unseemly anecdotes about the artist may serve to detract from their enjoyment of the art", then a warning should appear above his review as he quotes some of these anecdotes, therefore the same thing applies to this review.

  • Victor Verney wrote on April 29, 2008 report

    Well, Mel, I guess I just figure we're all big boys & girls here, jazz aficionados who know the fact of life and don't require warning labels. I'll simply quote D.H. Lawrence here:

    "Whoever reads me will be in the thick of the scrimmage,
    and if he doesn't like it--if he wants a safe seat
    in the audience--let him read somebody else."