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  • Sitaram Pangal Nayak wrote on November 04, 2007 report

    Mr.Bhasher Guptaji, Your comments on Smt.Pt.Gangubai Hangal's singing of BHAJANS is GROSSLY IN ERROR. I justify this by telling you that in 1979 Srimathi Pt.Gangubai Hangal with her accompanists including the great harmonium player Pt.Apparao Jalgaonker were my guests In USA. Our newly built house opening ceremony was officiated by Smt.Pt.Gangubai Hangal. She directed her daughter Krishna to sing a bhajan during this event,as she told me that she has vowed her 'Guruji' that she will never sing a bhajan in public. Moreover I have listened to her music since late 1930's and I have NEVER heard her sing a bhajan, which for us was unfortunate. OH! Her JOGIA to me is more a bhajan than a thumri and I told her about it. She gave a broad smile! But I have to say that Smt.Pt.KISHORI AMONKAR is like 'Godess Saraswati' in our Great Classical Music. I sometimes wonder we would have never heard of TANSAEN if she were there few centuries ago. Have you heard Srimathi Pt. Amonkar's 'Raanaaji,Mai Govindaa Gunaa Gaana'? This is probably the BEST SUNG MEERABAI BHAJAN of all times. Regards. S.P.Nayak