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  • Jim Sneglov wrote on August 01, 2006 report

    Compared to the original 'El Carretero' it sounds like a fresh breeze, a true hommage.
    Something remeniscent of 'Cachao's Descarga sessions compared to the revamped classics on 'Buena Vista Social Club'

    Of course Syran Mbenza's contribution to the band and music is collosal and essential, though It is funny you didn't mention Papa Noel as playing lead guitar. I wouldn't go as far telling it's sort of the same as leaving out Cachao on Buena Vista Social Club but it does show you are at least a little bit ignorant of this wonderful players merit in the field.
    African Rhumba as it was played in the 60's is not very well known to many.Don't ask me why.
    It could just be, you simply overlooked or forgot to include him in the band's Personal line up.

    Papa Noel - Lead Guitar.