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  • Minchie Israel wrote on November 04, 2006 report

    I am fresh from spending an evening with the Yosvany Terry Quintet (including Jason Lindner, p; Charles Flores, b; Pedro P. Martinez, perc; Justin Brown, d) at the College Auditorium of the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College in Tortola, BVI, on Friday, November 03 2006.

    It was a treat to be exposed to the cerebral mix of Afro-Cuban rhythms with a dash of the avant-garde, brief passages of out-and-out straightahead and pyrotechnic drum licks throughout.

    Admittedly, it took me one whole set to even begin to understand how all of the disparate elements and patterns were coming together. But once I had had my intermission red wine (and no, it was not the wine) and was seated again for the second half, the music made complete sense to me - and then I could really swing with the band.

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