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  • steven palmore wrote on February 10, 2010 report

    I found anthony to be a bit of a dissapointment Having worked with sonny stitt,von freeman,the duke ellington orchestra and a host of other significant people in the world of jazz (both young and older) I've become used to dealing with a certain standard that I did'nt find in anthony.I used hiim on a recording session and found him to be musically inflexible. As a businessman ,he down right sucked.We made a business deal that he still has yet to make good on and that was five years ago.When I checked out his recordings ,he seemed to be a bit over rated also.I'm not saying that he can;t play, but I didn't find him to live up to the hype that was made up about him, and had I know in advance was I was really getting I defintly would have used another player instead. I also hear that he's a bit of a B.S. talker.As far as the thang DON'T BUY IT !