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  • Maxim Micheliov wrote on May 16, 2007 report

    I've discovered music by Andrew Hill quite recently but almost instantly fell in love with it. Since then i've absorbed his every work I could find. "Black fire" was the first acquaintance but then there have been "Passing ships", "Andrew!!!", "Judgment", "Dance with death" and "Dusk". Some songs like "Passing ships" or "Pumpkin" from Black Fire make my eyes watery ))
    I know and can easily explain what makes Andrew absolutely unique even among the great. It is his superb melodic talant + distinctive piano style + ever fresh approach to arrangement. His music perfectly balances melody and improvisation without becoming too sweet or too abstract.
    In the interview Andrew Hill mentioned musicians who "give no rights to the audience." And yes i can feel that he is completely different. Every his note is a message. His music is communication with listener and he does care to be understood. Beauty of his melodies and arragements serve this goal perfectly well!

    We greatly regret his passing. Which is particularly sad news now as we were looking for Mr. Hill's contact info hoping to invite him to give a performance in our country. Dear Andrew rest in peace.