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  • Gideon wrote on October 16, 2006 report

    Carles Lloyd had this title in one of his albums, and it hit me, hard.
    i used this sentence for years to come in my life, through my travels in India when i was only 21 till today a very old 32..

    i saw Charls perform a couple times in NY, i felt like i saw Ghandi..

    the first time i heard Lloyd , i was about 20 , heavily doped up, and surrounded by alot of electronic music, and guitars which i have been playing for as long as i can remember..
    that day i heard "The Call" and more specific the second tune "Song".
    i was blown away, Stenson's piano made me fall in love with piano, left my guitar and started playing piano... and when Lloyd came along in that tune, i smiled, i knew i am home, i have found my heart, my spirit..

    thank you Charles for making me get connected with myself, with the world, with love.
    with the spirit.