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  • Leonardo VM Wiegers wrote on August 20, 2009 report

    Hello compadre,
    And I can say that because I'm 69 years old.
    I sit in front of my machine (computer) and believe it or not, looking at my right stays Cuban Roots (lp). When did I buy the record? End 70-ties I believe. To be honest, for me it had a rather difficult sound at that time and it is still not a disk to put on regularly. But the guajira on the disk is the thriller.
    I have most of the old lp's in the computer to get rid of them but Cuban Roots as an lp will never leave this house.
    I'm also a hobby musician since 1960, playing cuban music, not so good but the people dance. And of course I do have bat drums and know a little. And the best thing is living in Holland nd Cuba. In the city of Camagey.
    Already know our best dutch alto player Tineke Postma?
    Not the best of Holland, but of Europe. Listen to her "the Traveller".
    And have you been to Cuba since the Obama government?
    Very interesting and amazing musicians.
    Want a contact in Camaguey?
    Lenno Wiegers, street 12 # 75, between B and C, la Guernica, Camaguey, tel: 252356 and my (I)phone, +31641104591.