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  • Denis Underwood wrote on July 25, 2006 report

    I first heard this album in the 60's and found it totaly in tune with the era. I searched for the next 30 years to find it and was not dissapointed. An amateur bunch of musicians should give us all hope that popular music is not ALL pointless and the Beatles were never pointless.
    The arrangements (for their time) were inventive and full of suprises. At the time these tunes were the background noise of a whole generation, and yet for those willing to escape into different cultures, the London Jazz Four allowed access to all areas.

    How do you skip from Beatles / anyone fan to different music or sounds????......The London Jazz Four would not be a bad start. An introduction to Jazz - Great tunes, arrangements and an open mind to what was being played.

    Take a back seat and enjoy.


    Denis Underwood