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  • Paul Roger wrote on May 01, 2010 report

    Gary, In memory of Enrique I have been searching the internet for anything I can find about my dear friend of 35 years. I think you knew him longer. This is one of the most extensive and detailed articles I've found. I must say that it is very well written and most insightful. I am glad that this is here and a source for all to learn about him. If I might make a couple of comments about certain details in the article, the readers will appreciate that I was able to help in the accuracy of the history of Absolute Zero. Although they may ever be so slight, I felt compelled to write this. The founders of Absolute Zero were Enrique Jardines, Michael Moehle and I. Michael was in the band for about a year when he decided to move back to Chicago and I was in the band from 1979 (its inception) until around May of 1999. Most mathematicians will tell you that is around 20 years. :) The band has a wonderful following around the world, but even though AZ wanted to tour Europe, I believe the tour they had was with Pip Pyle and it was in the US. Maybe they went to Europe on the sly and didn’t tell me, after all, Enrique was very crafty. :) He was able to keep his age from me and I didn’t find out until his passing. Hilarious! Now concerning the more recent history that would have taken place after this article was written. I will say that in his passing, all those who knew Pip will certainly miss him and now with Enrique’s passing, we all suffer a devastating blow again. In memory of them, let’s all give AZ’s music another listen and raise our glasses to two brilliant musicians. Thank you so much. –Paul Roger