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  • Wayne Dent wrote on October 19, 2007 report

    Labels are labels. Music is music. Julie Coryell and Laura Friedman have done a great job separating the two and bringing about in the mind of the reader, a sunesis. So what if they call your can of beans dried seaweed. Once you open the can and empty its' contents, you know it is a can of beans regardless of the label marked dried seaweed! Truer today than in the seventies, the lines are blurred. Artists are writing music unfettered by cultural differences. It is o.k. to reflect a wide variety of musical styles and interpret them as you see fit as long as it results in good music! Within a single composition, tradition can be embraced while new ways of expression are explored in the spirit of adventure! A question which deserves further devotion is whether resistance can be a positive element in the advancement of musical style rather than a negative one lest we acquiesce to boredom and apathy! Well, while such things can be debated and dissected, it is nice to take a moment to celebrate the pioneers whose lives are a paean to creativity!