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  • Gwendolyn Hughes wrote on August 27, 2007 report

    Thank you for taking the time to interview my Dad. He really is a great guy, very humble in spirit but rich in wisdom. I am the reason he quit the band in 1957! I am so very happy that he took the hiatus but am even more happy that he went back to his passion - music. I have learned so many valuable lessons about life by watching my Dad and his interaction with the myriad of people he has come into contact with in his lifetime - personally and professionally. He has taught me humility and confidence can (and should) occupy the same space at the same time. He is a great example of treating people with respect no matter your "status" in life, because in the end we are all the same - God's children. I am glad that I read this article because I found out things about my Dad that I did not know - historically. (It took me two years to get to the interview but I did!) My brother is gathering information about our ancestory but I think he will find a more memorable story in the man who raised us. We have a gem in our midst and are overlooking him because of familiarity. Thank you for opening my eyes to see the jewel before it is too late! Keep the interviews going!

    Gwendolyn Hughes

  • Eldon Payne wrote on January 15, 2009 report

    I met Mr. Bill Hughes at the Jazz Cellar (now closed) in Tampa's Ybor City a few years ago and talked with him during the band's break. He was an extremely nice guy like someone you had known and grown up with. I asked him what kind of horn he was playing and he said he was using a Holton. That made me feel extremely proud as I was still playing the Holton TR680 my father bought for me in high school back in 1971 and it's beginning to show some wear just like myself. We only said a few words but I was impressed that he was so humble, genuine, and kind.

    Eldon Payne/Safety Harbor, FL
    Cigar City Big Band