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  • Eric Wik wrote on December 14, 2007 report

    Dear Sir/Ms:

    Today I listened again to Woody Herman's Album "Woody Herman Herd Live At Montreux" and especially the tune Superstar, where Stahl is the featured trumpet player. His skills, as always on Herd records, are incredible. He is capable of playing a soft and touching ballad, and then swinging into an impressive high range. All tastefully and thoughtfully done. He should be in all the reference books respecting disk or recording credits, and at the top of articles regarding the best players of our times.
    Eric Wik

  • Shawn Stockman Malone wrote on November 22, 2009 report

    Ahhh, the beauty of the internet. I had "Superstar" on cassette tape, probably about 25 years old now... and knew it was Woody Herman but had no other notes on it as to who played the solo. I would listen to this thing over and over. Today I finally find out who the trumpet player was. Wow. Was thinking Chase. Dave Stahl. All Time.