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  • Thomas Berton wrote on March 27, 2011 report

    Though I'm hardly a jazz aficionado, I thoroughly enjoy Piano Jazz on WAMC FM here in New Paltz, N.Y.

    When I learned that some purists were less than pleased that Marian McPartland had Becker and Fagan on, I had to disagree, as those two introduced me to some great jazz by way of some of the players they employed. Victor Feldman back in the day, and later Chris Potter etc.

    Songs like "Parker's Band" and "East St. Louis Tootle Doo" (?) led a young teen to seek out The Bird and The Duke. As recently, Fagan's "Morph The Cat" got me onto Arlen. Oh,and there was his reference to Brubeck from "The Nightfly". The list goes on.

    They pulled out "Limbo Jazz", on the show, and Ms. McPartland wasn't even familiar. It's true Fagan isn't in her class on the keys, but the boys did belonged in her realm.
    She loved their song "West Of Hollywood", which is my favorite Steely Dan song. It transports me. The imagery is wonderful, if I might use the term for lack of a better word. Potter is to this ear, simply wonderful on that track. I felt vindicated that Mariam appreciated it as well.

    I wrote a tv series treatment about minor league baseball, and if I could, I would choose Limbo Jazz as the theme song, preferably their version from Piano Jazz. (if it ever gets picked up.