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  • Errol Hosea King wrote on July 02, 2007 report

    It's been a few years since last I've heard Nate at the key boards. I recall that each time I see and hear Nate Live that I give thanks to the creative spirt that rises like moonlight, suddenly there bright and clear as God's words spoken with music. Nate is a artist who inspired me to write poems, one I wrote of him while I was living in South Central L.A. His music is the "Glory" . this is the King from the STL, out.

  • Charles Dunn wrote on September 09, 2010 report

    I'm so sorry to hear that Nate is ill, I just wanted to say to the ones that know him his good character I would attribute to his Grand Mother. I remember in the early 60's we went to 97th street Elementary School. My Friend Ricky and myself would go to Nate's house to see if he could come out to play. His Grand Mother would say he couldn't come out side that he had to stay inside and practice the piano. Now look at who has played with some of the greatest musicians ever. So, Nate and your Grand Mother I take my hat off to you both. Now, I know the art of study and practicing. Thank you, your friend Charles Dunn