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  • Vance Tenort wrote on October 09, 2007 report

    My name is Vance Tenort and nate and i grew up in the same inviornment of music in high school .
    I played Trumpet then and we did a lot of assemblies at school in the auditorium and some out of school gigs.
    I had not seen nate for a few years and then there his group was playing for my nieces wedding. I was pleased to see him .

    After high school in 1970 i started playing with "Edwin star" ,"Joe Tex", "Archie Bell and the Drells" , then in 1974 hooked up with "Side Effect" produced by "Wayne Henderson" of the "jazz Crusaders" and lost touch with "Nate" until i saw him at my niece's wedding .We were going to hook up so that he could give me some piano lesson but, with our busy scheduals that did'nt happen .

    He's always been one of the top keyboard players since high school and i wish him the best .

    Vance Maddog Tenort .