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  • Kenneth Messer wrote on November 20, 2010 report

    If one accepts the premise that all people are created equal and can share equally in both the production and enjoyment of any particular musical genre, then the fact that Blacks being a minority in the population of the United States now also represent a minority in Jazz is kind of a triumph of sorts for Jazz as an esthetic form, while still being a tragedy for the Black Community. Accordingly, I myself rejoice at the presence of people like Yo-Yo Ma and Seiji Ozawa in the realm of Classical Music. Diversity, generally speaking is good for any art form. Regrettably though, Jazz has broadened is base largely through the dilution of its artistic esthetic. Certainly erosion of the cultural base of Jazz (The Black Community) has been a factor; however, much more pervasive, pernicious effects have been wreaked by our global economic system which promotes elitism by concentrating more and more wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people.