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  • rob hess wrote on June 11, 2009 report

    There are many rave reviews of the book from readers and esteemed reviewers who passionately disagree with this review. They will be posted on the website when it is completed in the near future.

  • rob hess wrote on June 11, 2009 report

    52 Reasons to Read This Book Jazz History Updated -

    1. Why have you never heard of the New York Jazz Museum.

    2. Who is the author of this book.

    3. How the Ford Foundation saved the New York Jazz Museum.

    4. How a 19th-century carriages house in mid-town Manhattan was transformed into the New York Jazz Museum.

    5. What the New York Times said about the New York Jazz Museum.

    6. How the Today Show helped promote the New York Jazz Museum.

    7. How an idea from a former Duke Ellington bassist grew into a unique jazz program for children.

    8. How New York State supported the establishment of the New York Jazz Museum.

    9. What happened to the Museums 25,000-item archive.

    10. A day at the New York Jazz Museum with Bill Cosby.

    11. What Charles Mingus asked the author to do.

    12. What The White House said about our organization.

    13. Why famous graphic designer Milton Glasers poster donation was rejected by the Museum and how he reacted to it.

    14. How Benny Goodman and his estate got entangled in the Museums legal machinations.

    15. Why the film of a concert at the Museum by the United States Information Agency could not be shown in the United States.

    16. What local and national awards were won by the Museum for its programs.

    17. Mayor John Lindsays expression of support for the Museum and jazz.

    18. The Museums re-creation of an important event in the history of jazz in New York City.

    19. An original musical composition is written about the Museum.

    20. The Museum and the Young Presidents Organization a lost opportunity.

    21. How Columbia University supported the Museum.

    22. How a kidnapping saved the Museum.

    23. How we purchased a midtown Manhattan building for $5,000 cash!

    24. Artie Shaws role in the New York Jazz Museum saga.

    25. The Museums Boards were comprised of a Whos Who of Jazz.

    26. Threats against the author make for serious melodrama.

    27. The legal machinations that went on for more than 10 years! - Jazz History Updated

    28. The New York Attorney Generals role in the Museums history.

    29. The Betrayal.

    30. How the New York Public Library ended the legal wrangling Jazz History Updated

    31. The dramatic scene that precipitated the demise of the Museum.

    32. An embarrassing event at the Museums program at the Harvard Club.

    33. What Charlie Parker said about music.

    34. Which white jazz musician chose to pass as black.

    35. Which famous jazz musician was known as Cutie in his early days.

    36. Which Museum exhibit did the Junior League of the City of New York fund.

    37. How did the federal government support the Museums educational activities.

    38. What President Nixon said about jazz and what he did to help jazz.

    39. What the politicians said about our organization.

    40. Where are Louis Armstrongs extensive archives and what is being done with it.

    41. Why many jazz musicians died so young.

    42. What jazz singer was known as Mr. Five-By-Five?

    43. What musicians said about Louis Armstrong.

    44. The background on Louis Armstrongs Country and Western recording.

    45. What Louis Armstrong said about his mentor Joe King Oliver.

    46. Revealing notes about jazz in New York City and elsewhere during the 1970s.

    47. Where the word jazz came from.

    48. What Duke Ellington said about modern music.

    49. Louis Armstrongs thoughts about his fellow musicians.

    50. What the jazz community said about Benny Goodman.

    51. The Power Struggle Jazz History Updated

    52. Why Mick Jagger was turned away from the Museum