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  • Paul Segal wrote on October 05, 2007 report

    It is an impoverished technique to try to praise one artist by denigrating another. You do not make E.S.T. more attractive by attacking the jazz credentials of T.B.P. AAJ should be careful not to publish reviews like this one that have dual purposes or which drip with the author's personal venom.

  • John Kelman wrote on November 03, 2007 report

    I'm sorry Paul, and we'll certainly have to agree to disagree; but one method of creating context for readers who don't know an artist is through comparison. My own experience with TBP - and i've listened to them plenty, seen them live and really just don't like them - may not agree with you, but is absolutely a valid way to assess, but I hardly consider what I said "dripping with venom." Still, I appreciate your taking the time to comment and welcome even contrary viewpoints.

    Best wishes,