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  • Ernest Milner wrote on December 14, 2006 report

    Locating this site was a miracle. I was just talking to a co-worker about Benny Goodman and his music, especilly "Sing, Sing, Sing" and thought I would look for it using Google.

    It popped right up! Benny Goodman music was my choice of music during the early 1950s while growing tired of the "new rock and roll" that was starting to take over the airwaves. This was the time when no one had their own CD players or any other type of personal music system. We had the radio!! At home we could listen to old 78s or the newer 45s, but on Saturday night you could possibly locate a station that played what you wanted to hear.

    In Provo, Utah, we had radio station KEYY and the late night DJs that would play your favorite. I called so much to have Sing, Sing, Sing played that they started the midnight show with that song for over a year. All of my friends knew who they were playing it for!

    Benny had the top musicians of the era in his band, and many of them moved on to form their own groups after leaving him. He was great. No one was able to do the things he and his musicians did with music.
    They renewed the interest in swing music 20 years after the big band sound died. I learned of the big bands from my grandmother, who would listen to them nightly from her home in Colorado. Then later I continued listening through my teens. I still have a collection of Goodman music gathering dust, but I will dig it out and play it now and then.

    Thanks for the opportunity to relive some old memories.

  • Thomas Chavez wrote on February 23, 2007 report

    this song is like the best jazz song ever made and i love it

  • Pauline Ross wrote on June 24, 2007 report

    I live in Birmingham (UK) not Alabama. I was brought up on jazz. My dad loved all the bands. As a small child I would listen to artist's like Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Glen Miller and of course Benny Goodman. I loved to listen to Gene Krupper playing the drums in Sing, Sing, Sing especially. I have the pleasure of still owning an original copy of the 12" (not 10") 78rpm record.

    When I was about 10 or 11 my school friends brother Paul Hancox would come to my house and listen to my dad's records, he wanted to learn to play the drums and spent hours and hours listening to Sing, Sing, Sing. He went on to play with Chicken Shack, Mungo Gerry and the Mindbenders and now plays sessions. I have fond memories of this time.

    Sadly my Dad passed away in December 2000 aged 81 but he still lives on in my heart. And thanks to him so does Jazz.

  • Pdx Jazz wrote on September 20, 2007 report

    As a teen in the '60's, rock and roll was my favorite, but my folks listened to swing so I was aware it existed. Didn't get too excited about it until I started recording old 78's and discovered Sing Sing Sing! The first was a short version, a single on one side, then I found it on an old 78 rpm RCA VICTOR 12" , both sides, and was totally blown away!

    This is the "Free Bird" of the swing era for me.

    This web site really is swell! Lots of nifty info about my favorite swing song. Cool! Thanks!

  • Matt Mann wrote on July 23, 2009 report


    my name is Matt and I'm 16. I love jazz and I am searching for a copy of sing, sing, sing by benny goodman on 78. I'll pay you more then fairly for a copy on record. Please help me out, I'll check back frequently so please post back.

    Best regards, Matt