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  • Fred Phone wrote on October 13, 2007 report

    This is a fantastic set. I feel I must
    make some rebuttal to the review by John Kelman.
    The last disc is taken from the album
    "Dexter Gordon - Blues a la Suisse", which
    was only available on vinyl until the release
    of this box set.
    In my opinion this album is unbelievable,
    it is fantastic!!! Some of Dexter's best
    playing. And the reviewer's comment that
    the electric piano doesn't sound right,
    this is ridiculous. Hampton Hawes
    totally KILLS IT!
    So in summary, don't listen to this
    reviewer when he says the last disc
    is weak. It is just the opposite, this
    is one of the best discs in the set!!!!

  • John Kelman wrote on November 04, 2007 report

    Thanks for writing Fred. I'm certainly no Luddite, so the idea of electric piano in and of itself is by no means a problem for me, but when I reviewed this box (gee, nearly three years ago, I'd almost forgotten I'd written it!), I felt that it kinda stuck out like a sore thumb. I'll have to go back and listen to it again to see if I still feel that way.

    One of the perils of doing large box set reviews like this is that you immerse yourself in such a large volume of music over a relatively short period of time (if you want to get a review out in a timely fashion, you don't have the luxury of "living with it" for a period of weeks or months), that certain things seem apparent that might not otherwise, were the music to be absorbed in smaller chunks. So it's certainly possible that, taken on its own and not in the context of all the other music in the box (and it *was* a lot of fine music!), I might find myself feeling differently about it.

    In either case, thanks - a differing opinions is one of the reasons why we have MY AAJ, so readers can post their own views on a review and, in some cases, even kick the reviewer's ass! :-)

    Best wishes,