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  • Mike DiMartino wrote on April 27, 2010 report

    And it'll never make it to CD as long as "experts" like you say things about it like "While none of these pieces are all that memorable..." and "not a groundbreaking album." I found this review after searching to see if Kean was yet avaialable on CD. And after the ridiculously frustrating process of signing up and then signing in to AAJ, I was further discouraged to read this presumtious review only to learn that Kean is not yet on CD. Kean has been a favorite of mine for years. The "experts" don't like it because it doesn't sound like the usual jam type of Riversides. "Experts" turn up their noses at the album--which, by the way is in 1961 STEREO--for the very reasons jazz people and musicians with open ears love it. Kean is very different from the usual jam type of Riversides. The arranging and horn voicings are beautiful, and the album really does grow on you after a few listenings. Jimmy Heath's charts MADE Kean a jazz vehicle, a refreshingly attractive one at that. I think Jimmy Heath and Orrin Keepnews had great creative vision to hear and make their concept of Kean, as jazz, a successful reality. But again we find, the "experts" know better than THE cats. I guess I'll have to blow a few Kean tunes on my CD, then mention the A JAZZ VERSION OF KEAN LP in my notes. Maybe that will bring some attention to reissuing it. OJC: Come on! Kean is at least worthy of OJC Limited Edition. Get with it, OJC, and pay no mind to the "experts" who skim over a few tunes of an album, once, and think they can almightily sum it all up for the WORLD to see on sites like AAJ.