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  • Rosemarie Hertlein wrote on August 04, 2009 report

    To whom it may concern,
    I was reading the blog on the Black Artist Group and found it very strange that Baikida Carroll (that's him in the police uniform in the BAG play photo) was not even mentioned. He was not only the BAG band director but also (other than Julius Hemphill and Oliver Lake) probably the most successful musicians to emerge from BAG. During the BAG days J.D. Parran was the tenor man in his quintet, he was the featured soloist on Hemphill's premiere album Dogon A.D. and Oliver Lake's premiere record NTU. Since BAG he has performed on the world stage with some of the most celebrated artist in AvantGard music including Cecil Taylor, Don Pullen, Sam Rivers, Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, Dewey Redman and Jack DeJohnette. Not to mention entertainment stars like Patti Labelle, Dr. John, and Sam and Dave. He has written music for Tony nominated Broadway shows (Having Our Say, and For Colored Girls), Shakespearean plays as well as classical plays performed at international venues like the Acropolis in Athens and the Market Theater in South Africa. I read most of this information in Ben Looker's book: BAG: The Point from Which Creation Begins and Baikida's web site: , and George Lewis's book A Power stronger than Itself. The article, while very informative and well written, lacks in the full disclosure of one BAG's most celebrated artist.


  • Pamela Gilbert-Snyder wrote on March 29, 2011 report

    Another name missing from this and other articles on BAG I have seen is that of poet Arthur Brown. In fact, though this article is entitled "Poets of Action," none of the poets' names appear (Shirley Leflore is another). Would love to see more pictures from BAG.