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  • Jim R wrote on November 29, 2006 report

    A nice list of CD recommendations, however there is little in these recommendations that represents the original, authentic recordings from Brazil in the 60's. I love Vince Guaraldi, Joe Henderson and Toots Thielmans (and own all of the above recordings), but these are jazz recordings inspired by Bossa Nova. In my opinion, there is generally too much of an emphasis on Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd, Astrud Gilberto and the "craze" that happened in the United States when most people raise the subject of Bossa Nova (and as a member of the AAJ forums, I see this oversight occurring all the time). I think that more attention should be given to the Brazilians who gave life to this genre in its home country. For example, Sylvia Telles, Os Cariocas, Carlos Lyra, Joao Donato, Roberto Menescal, Pery Ribeiro, Leny Andrade, Nara Leao, Tamba Trio, Bossa Tres, Sambalanço Trio, Milton Banana, Os Gatos, Marcos Valle... and many, many more. As the article points out, there has been a resurgence of interest in classic Bossa Nova recordings, and these classic Brazilian recordings have been seeing CD reissues quite steadily, since 1998 (the 40th anniversary of Joao Gilberto's original recordings from 1958). If you love this music, don't miss what was going on in Brazil in the early Bossa Nova years.