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  • Skylee wrote on September 25, 2006 report

    I am listening to this great CD, which also won a Juno in Canada (my old stomping grounds) and am wondering when the next album will come out in the States? I noticed there is a CD release.

    In anycase, if you visit, there are some interesting previews to the follow-up album.

    Vivid, The David Braid Sextet Live at the Top of the Senator is one of my favorite CDs. My friends in Toronto from the jazz society really dig this original music, ya know. And it is just so different than most other music... and the sounds of the band, I agree with the reviewer, and just amazing.

    I hope David and his sextet will come to Beverly Hills one day. In the meantime, I will be looking out for more Canadian jazz to visit us...


  • John Kelman wrote on November 11, 2006 report

    FYI, there's a follow-up disc, Zhen, another live disc from the sextet. It's on the pile and I should be reviewing it in the next couple of weeks.

  • Jamie Carter wrote on November 17, 2006 report

    Noticed this thread; very cool.

    Looking forward to the review.

    Not sure about Beverly Hills, but Braid's website says he is coming to Texas soon.

    Looking forward to the review. BTW -- is Zhen related to "Zen", that Japanese word? Exactly what does that mean?

    I will check out that CD Skylee. Did you buy it from

  • Landon "Mega Jazz" Fan Smith wrote on November 18, 2006 report

    One cannot seem to buy it from Amazon UK, I don't believe. I just checked. The website listed seems to sell CDs online.


  • John Kelman wrote on December 11, 2006 report

    Folks, a couple of things of interest for you Braid-o-philes:

    1. My review of Zhen is here:
    2. Here's a review of a live duet disc he did with Canadian clarinet legend Phil Nimmons. They also played the Ottawa Jazz Fest this past summer and were wonderful:
    3. David also has an on again/off again quartet with saxophonist Mike Murley that splits the compositional duties. Their first release, another live set, is reviewed here:

    This should keep y'all happy 'til the next one!

  • Richard Varvaroutous wrote on February 07, 2007 report

    With great thanks, John. Album you speake nominated for Junos, says Canada's National Financial Post. I heard CD when in Greece.