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  • Anthony Shaw wrote on September 11, 2006 report

    Just returned from anothr dose of the above and need to correct one misconception in the original critique - the live version does bear a close resemblance to the studio after all. How did I miss it earlier? Unfamiliarity with the disc I suspect.

    Saari uses a number of loops/pre-records from his Akai (sampler?) over which he lays alot more layers live in front of the audience. And these layers are different in each performance, as well as the pieces from which the show is composed. Tonight's show included a piece 'Passion' not heard before I think. Evolve he must, and the show goes with it - a little more intimate (it was a very small venue), still deft, still delicate, still humorous in its role and content.

    The big problem at the moment is that you have to come to Helsinki to hear it - get travelling!