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  • Kent McLemore wrote on November 15, 2006 report

    One aspect of the recordings that should not go unrecognized: the age of the performers. Greg was 23, Duane 24, and Dickie was the old man at age 27.

  • Robert Bush wrote on April 28, 2012 report

    42 years after the fact (give or take), the Fillmore East concerts are still the highwater mark of this particular distillation of blues-rock. This was one of the last things I listened to in the 70s before I made the move to jazz. Good prep...

  • Tani wrote on May 16, 2012 report

    In Greg Allman's autobiog, there's a funny and relevant story about their first trip out west, when Duane caught a cold. Page 90, but I don't want to spoil it.

    Great book, for anybody that loves the band.